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Black Horse PA-18 Super Cub 120cc ARTF Wingspan:3580mm (140.94")

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Τιμή: 1,349.90
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The PA-18 Super Cub was a big step up from the good old J3 Cub. Not only did it gain a much more powerful, 150Bhp engine there was also the addition of electrical flaps. All at the front of the market back in 1949. many survive today doing sterling work as glider tugs.

The Black Horse Super Cub is a big model at 3.56m span (nearly 12 feet!) yet she manages to sneak under the 20Kg weight limit and avoid the UK large model rules. This was achived by careful design and attention to detail during construction.

Good detail is provided, but has been simplified a little to keep under the weight limit. The size and wing loading means very docile flight characteristics and those flaps bring her down to ridiculously low speeds for operation out of amazingly small fields. No need for a full size airfield! This is by no means an aerobatic model and the flight envelope mirrors the full size.

Construction is the conventional balsa/ply/hardwood used in all Black Horse models and then covered in a classic scheme using Oracover. The cowl is of course GRP and then painted.

Although a big model, she dismantles into reasonable sections for transport.

You will need a good 120cc engine and need to be conscious of the weight when selecting it.


Propeller: 27 x 10" (Recommended)
Wingspan: 3580mm (140.94")
Length: 2.237mm (88.07")
Weight: 19 - 19.5Kg (41.8 to 42.9lbs)
Servos: 10 x Standard size with 15kg torque (Required)
Radio System: 6+ Channel (Required)
IC Engine: 120cc petrol (Required)
Wing Area: 180.1dm2
Wing Loading: 105.5g/dm2
Wing Section: USA 35-B