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Αρχική ΣελίδαSimulators-Usb CordsFlight simulator easyFly 3 Starter Set GC from Ipacs  
Flight simulator easyFly 3 Starter Set GC from Ipacs

Προβολή μεγαλύτερης εικόνας

Τιμή: 89.95
1 Είδη

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Basing on the award-winning Aerofly Professional Deluxe flight simulator from Ikarus the EasyFly3 uses the same great technology, design, flight physics and graphics. The EasyFly3 offers a perfect flight simulation to all newcomers, advanced and professionals. The complete spectrum of the R/C model airplane hobby can be savoured in its exciting 3D- and breath-taking 360 degree photographic sceneries in all of its facets.

Trainer model, 3D aerobatic model, gas and electric helicopter, glider or jet model, EasyFly3 features the fitting model for every pilot. Its unique photorealistic sceneries together with many setup options offer an almost perfect R/C simulation.

Soar at the popular soaring site of the Teck castle or train new 3D manoeuvres on true aerobatic models. Discover the exciting areas of the 3D scenery in cockpit or follow mode or exercise yourself hovering with one of many included model helicopters.

You will enjoy EasyFly3 – you train your reflexes, achieve flight practise with effortless ease and are able to follow your R/C hobby on every time of day or season without risking the loss of your own model.

Feature list of the EasyFly 3
• 8 unique airfield sceneries, including 7 breath-taking realistic 360 degree photographic sceneries (Augsburg, Pagefield, Omahawks, Castle, Teck, Marxzell Flugplatz, Golfdome Halle) and the highly detailed 3D scenery Hawaii with 4 landing areas
• 31 extremely detailed models, including 3D and F3A aerobats, 3-Meter TOC models, fighter jets, scale and trainer airplanes, indoor and outdoor helicopters (gas and electric, Slow- and Shock Flyers, thermal and slope soaring gliders, gas and electric powered airplanes, PPS-4D models and much more.
• Realistic scenery reflection from model surfaces
• Fully customizable fog and smoke simulation
• New lighting effects like sunlight reflections
• Glider sound
• Cockpit mode with realistic instrument display
• Break-apart aircraft! Wings, landing gears and other parts may break apart during crashes or high G manoeuvres
• Realistic wind simulation (the terrain shape is taken into account when computing wind, turbulences and thermals)
• Autorotation training
• Easy Plug and Play USB connection

• USB Game Commander Controller
• Software with detailed manual

Minimum System requirements
• Intel Pentium 4 or AMD 64 compatible Processor with at least 1,5 Ghz
• 512 MB RAM
• 1.5 GB free hard disc memory
• CD-ROM drive
• OpenGL version 2.0 compatible 3D graphics card with at least 128 MB
• 100% DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
• Windows 2000/XP Vista with DirectX version 9.0b or higher
• USB port for the connection of the USB-Interface - cable with a PPM transmitter with trainer jack

Internet access required for product activation!

Recommended system requirements:
• 100% Pentium 4 or AMD-64 compatible Processor with at least 2,0 Ghz
• 1 GB RAM
• OpenGL version 2.0 compatible 3D graphics card with at least 256 MB